About SWA

Our mission


Sanitation, hygiene and water for all, always and everywhere.

Why we exist: a global platform for achieving the SDGs


Created in 2010, SWA is a partnership of governments and their development partners, including civil society, the private sector, donors, UN agencies and research and learning institutions. We share the belief that government-led, collaborative, and multi-stakeholder decision-making processes lead to more sustainable, efficient and transparent solutions, than when development partners work alone.

Together, our partners stimulate political dialogue and coordinate and monitor progress towards the sanitation, water and hygiene-related targets of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Partners also jointly assess and address obstacles to universal access, including through strengthening political prioritization, increasing financing, improving the efficient use of funds, building better governance structures and institutions, creating a healthy enabling environment, building mutual accountability between stakeholders, and improving the use of data to inform decision-making.

The SWA Framework guides partners’ activities at all levels of joint activity, whether global, regional, national or sub-national.

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Key Documents and Resources

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