In terms of governance, SWA’s partners are organized into 5 constituencies, with common interests and roles in the WASH sector. All SWA constituencies are represented on the Steering Committee, which serves as the leadership and decision-making body for the partnership. The Steering Committee creates Work Groups, which are open to all partners, when tasks require specific attention.

The partnership is supported by a Secretariat, led by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The core of the Secretariat is hosted by UNICEF in New York, while other strategic Secretariat positions are hosted by partners around the world, including by The African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW), End Water Poverty, Fresh Water Netwrok (FANSA), the Inter-American Development Bank, and the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC).

The Global Leadership Council is a high-level group of appointed SWA leaders who advocate for and mobilize wider political commitment to SWA’s Guiding Principles and the aims of the SWA partnership. The Council is led by the High-level Chair.

Key documents

  • [wpdm_hotlink id=1428 link_label=”Governance Document”]; [wpdm_hotlink id=816 link_label=”En français –  Document Directive”]; [wpdm_hotlink id=1249 link_label=”En español – Documento Directivo”]; [wpdm_hotlink id=1251 link_label=”Em Português – Documento de Governação da SWA”]
  • [wpdm_hotlink id=815 link_label=”SWA 2015-2020 Strategy”] ([wpdm_hotlink id=819 link_label=”en español – Estrategia de SWA “])
  • [wpdm_hotlink id=1220 link_label=”SWA Guiding Principles”] ([wpdm_hotlink id=824 link_label=”en español – Principios rectores de SWA”])
  • [wpdm_hotlink id=1119 link_label=”SWA Results Framework 2020″]