Work Groups


The Steering Committee creates Work Groups to focus on tasks which require specific attention. If you are a partner and would like to be involved in any of the Work Groups, please contact the Secretariat.

Current Work Groups:

Country Processes


Promotes the adoption of the SWA Collaborative Behaviours in countries’ sanitation, water and hygiene sectors. It also supports the partnership in facilitating, implementing, monitoring, and reporting on the Collaborative Behaviours. It does this by gathering and utilizing the experience and the expertise of SWA partners to strengthen national planning processes, service delivery pathways and the ‘absorptive capacity’ of countries for their WASH services.

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  • Kepha Ombacho, Director, Public Health, Ministry of Health, Kenya
  • Amanda Robertson, Senior WaterAdvisor; US Agency for International Development

Governance and Finance


Advises the Steering Committee on the governance of SWA, focusing on its effectiveness, integrity and performance management. Its responsibilities may include advising on SWA policies, practices, rules, procedures and other actions to ensure that the partnership is functioning effectively and ethically. It also provides advice on finance issues. This includes providing strategic advice to the SWA Secretariat and its hosts on how best to maximize value for money, as well as reviewing and providing feedback on annual workplans, budgets and financial reports.

Chair: Patrick Moriarty, Executive Director, IRC

High-level Political Dialogue


Gives guidance to the Steering Committee, Secretariat and conveners of the SWA High-level Meetings, on the meetings’ objectives, agenda, participants and preparatory process. The group also advises on SWA’s country engagement strategy, and SWA’s role within the global WASH architecture, including supporting the development and communication of its global strategy and policy position.


  • Paul Deverill,UK Department for International Development (DFID) 
  • Yamileth Astorga, President, Costa Rican Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers (AyA)

Private Sector


Supports the private sector constituency in giving the private sector a voice and influence at a global level through the SWA. It promotes public-private partnerships, as well as other forms of service delivery improvement, works towards attracting private sector capital and explores other new and innovative forms and sources of investments. The group also looks at improving the efficiency and impact of sector operations relevant to WASH and ways of bringing further innovation to the sector.

Chair: Neil Dhot, Executive Director, Aquafed



Fosters the relationship between SWA and the SUN Movement, which tackles global malnutrition – so working towards the achievement of several inter-related SDGs. The group identifies useful areas of SWA-SUN cross-partnership learning, and aims to reduce duplication across the partnerships and other SWA Work Groups in this overlapping policy area.

Chair: Thilo Panzerbieter, Director, German Toilet Organization