Tools Portal

The Tools Portal houses tools that help national governments and their development partners put the Building Blocks and Collaborative Behaviours into practice. It is a constantly-growing database and resource list, easily searchable by keywords. 


  • Provide a “one stop shop” through which sector practitioners, policy and decision-makers can select tools to support the implementation of WASH Building Blocks and Collaborative Behaviours appropriate to the specific context and purpose for which they are needed
  • Provide for a platform facilitating easy access to experiences gained and lessons learned by different actors and in different countries who have used the tools.
  • Support countries to take leadership of the tools they use (and move away from tool use that is driven by donor preference and funding)
  • Prevent further fragmentation and duplication of tools
  • Identify gaps where tools don’t exist and work together to fill them


If your organization would like to add a tool, please follow these instructions.


Key documents and resources