Citizen participation in the water and sanitation sector

23 Dec, 2019


A key partner of Sanitation and Water for All– Coalition Eaua coalition of French NGOs, in collaboration with civil society in West Africa has launched an expertise note on “Citizen participation in the water and sanitation sector”. 

Citizen participation enables individuals and groups to be involved in decision-making processes concerning them, acts as an essential tool for action to advance the water and sanitation sector. As a factor of ownership, sustainability and efficiency, citizen participation is an essential condition for the effective implementation of the human rights to drinking water and sanitation and a means for achieving the objectives of SDG6. 

However, to move from the concept to its concrete application, it is essential to be able to better characterize this participation, to specify its assets and challenges and to identify the tools that can be mobilized to allow individuals to assert their points of view in public policies and water and sanitation projects. 

This note is based on the experience of the following NGOs: Eau Vive InternationaleGret, Initiative Développement, Secours Islamique France, Secrétariat International de l’Eau, SEVES, Toilettes du Monde. 

Click on the image below to download the expertise note (in French).