Research & Learning

Research and learning partners are important because they provide and strengthen the knowledge and evidence-base for the WASH sector. They are committed to making existing information in the sector relevant to SWA, and available and accessible to other SWA partners. This helps to promote better evidence-based decision making within SWA and in the sector. Research and learning partners also commit to document SWA experiences and events such as the High-level Meetings (HLM) and the Mutual Accountability Mechanism. They aim to document country support processes and the experiences of the NPRI. These partners play a key role to encourage the sharing of lessons learnt among SWA partners to support SWA goals. They also try to advocate for capacity development and funding for research and learning at the national level, making sure this area is included in national plans.

Examples of the Research and Learning partners’ work in progress include:

  • Putting an information package together on Aid Effectiveness in the WASH sector and how this relates to SWA, especially in relation to supporting country sector capacity
  • Making sector policy and planning documents more readily accessible through the design and implementation of a repository for sector policy and planning documents
  • Taking part in different working groups such as in the Country Processes Work Group, the SWA monitoring group and in ad hoc task teams such as for the preparation of the SWA Partnership Meetings.


Download the full list of partners here


The current Research and Learning partners are: